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27.11.2020 | NMI Reutlingen

Member of the 4D-Bioprinting Network

Since November 2020, the NMI is a partner in the international ZIM network "4D Bioprinting" (FKZ 16KN098801). This network consists of European SMEs and research institutions that are jointly researching innovative bio inks and ...

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10.11.2020 | digital

Young scientist wins second prize at Young Scientists Lecture

Kathrin Stadelmann, scientist of the Biomedical Micro and Nano Engineering group at the NMI, won the second prize at the Young Scientists Lecture.

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03.7.2020 | Reutlingen

Representative, nationwide corona antibody study starts in Reutlingen

A nationwide antibody study by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) was launched in the district of Reutlingen at the beginning of July with the aim of gaining a better overview of the occurrence of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

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25.6.2020 | Stuttgart

innBW founds association

While the Innovation Alliance Baden-Württemberg, in short innBW, can already look back on a long history, the 13 member institutes joined together to form an association on 24 June.

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10.6.2020 | global

CORESMA provides evidence-based data about corona measures

The NMI is collaborating in an international project consortium named CORESMA in which clinical, epidemiological and immunological data will be collected and ...

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13.5.2020 | NMI Reutlingen

Corona antibody tests from Reutlingen

The NMI Reutlingen is currently tackling a major problem associated with antibody tests for the detection of COVID-19: false positive test results.

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06.5.2020 | NMI Reutlingen

Reprocessing of medical protection masks

NMI supports the University Hospital of Tübingen in clarifying the material Question.

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25.3.2020 | NMI Reutlingen

On the track of the coronavirus immune response

As an established research institute, the NMI also focuses on research on infections with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

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23.3.2020 | Germany/Singapore

One more step towards true precision medicine

Together with Proteona and Synovo, the NMI will use its platform for patient-derived microtumours for drug screening and the discovery of potential drug candidates.

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The Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen undertakes applied research and development at the interface of life sciences and material sciences. An interdisciplinary team of scientists opens up and develops new technologies for companies and public research sponsors.

The NMI subsidiary offers customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries an integrated portfolio of products and services.

On site in Berlin - In 2015 launched a laboratory at the Bayer CoLaborator.

Investigation of smallest structures, insight into the world of atoms

The Center for Nanoanalysis at the NMI is a regional contact point for innovative companies with material technology issues and product ideas.

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Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Pharma und Biotechnologie
Pharma & biotechnology
Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Biomedizintechnik
Biomedical technology
Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Oberflauml;chen- und Werkstofftechnologie
Surface & materials technology