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January 2019

See single atoms

- in the new center for Nanoanalysis with our Crossbeam this is possible -

film begins

8.-10.5.2019 | Rostock

6th International Symposium Interface Biology of Implants

Florian Billing will be giving a lecture.

21.-22.5.2019 | Berlin

International Conference on Biomaterials Engineering
Christopher Shipp will be presenting a Poster.

10.4.2019 | Reutlingen/Berlin

A study has been published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS Genetics

PLoS Genetics publication on modeling of tumor heterogeneity and chemotherapy response by CPO, NMI,NMI TT Pharmaservices and collaborators.

The Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI) at the University of Tübingen undertakes applied research and development at the interface of life sciences and material sciences. An interdisciplinary team of scientists opens up and develops new technologies for companies and public research sponsors.

The NMI subsidiary offers customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries an integrated portfolio of products and services.

On site in Berlin - In 2015 launched a laboratory at the Bayer CoLaborator.

Investigation of smallest structures, insight into the world of atoms

The Center for nanoanalysis at the NMI is a regional contact point for innovative companies with material technology issues and product ideas.

Business areas

Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Pharma und Biotechnologie
Pharma & biotechnology
Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Biomedizintechnik
Biomedical technology
Schnelleinstieg für den Bereich Oberflauml;chen- und Werkstofftechnologie
Surface & materials technology