Biological Evaluation

Dr. Hanna Hartmann
Head of Biomedicine & Material Sciences

Many factors are decisive for the desired interaction of biology and material. The NMI tests biocompatibility, cell adhesion, anti-microbial activity and the activation of immune cells for you.


We offer in vitro cytotoxicity

  • Incubation of cell cultures with materials or material extracts (based on DIN EN ISO 10993-5, -12)



  • Morphological changes
  • Cell damage
  • Cell growth
  • Cell metabolism

Other tests

  • Immune response to biomaterials and particles with planar and three-dimensional materials
  • Purity of cell-containing products (identification of cell types)
  • Ex vivo analysis
  • Antibacterial effect (based on ISO 22196, etc.)
  • Sterility verification
  • Determination of biocompatibility and osteoconduction/induction