Peptide Mapping

Dr. Anne Zeck
Group Leader Bioanalytics

Peptide mapping and determination of post-translational modifications of recombinant proteins (antibodies)

Peptide mapping is used to verify the primary amino acid sequence of a protein according to its DNA sequence. In addition, post-translational modifications (PTMs) such as the glycosylation pattern are examined and residual host cell proteins are identified. Different production batches can also be compared in detail.


Our services

  • Verification of primary amino acid sequence and labelling of peptides in the chromatogram
  • Identification, localization and relative quantification of PTMs and degradations (e.g. N- and O-glycosylation, glycation, oxidation, deamidation)
  • Differential comparison of different production batches
  • Identification of host cell proteins



  • Tryptic PeptideMap with HPLCL-MS/MS
  • Relative quantification of degradation hot-spots