Disinfection, Cleaning and Passivation

For medical technology products (implants, surgical instruments), it must be ensured during production as well as use that no contamination remains on the product.

Due to a lack of processes, sterile dirt has so far remained attached, e.g. in blind holes or narrow lumens. By using the cavitation principle in a vacuum chamber for all process steps, any contamination, even in hard-to-reach places, can be dissolved with an appropriate process sequence and process-specific chemistry. In addition, disinfection and passivation of the products can take place.

Scientific proofs of purity and complete passivation could be realized within the scope of our research for complex bodies with comparably low and non-destructive effort. This has enabled us to develop a process and a test method whose effectiveness in terms of purity and passivation quality can be demonstrated using product-equivalent test specimens.

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