Assembly, encapsulation and test engineering of bioelectronic implants

Dr. Peter D. Jones
Group Leader Biomedical Micro and Nano Engineering

Biocompatible encapsulation is critical to the effective and safe operation of biomedical devices in biological environments. Our encapsulation services are centered around Parylene C, a proven material known for its robust biocompatible properties. This encapsulation protects the device from potential degradation by body fluids while avoiding cytotoxic effects.

Ensuring the long-term efficacy and stability of this encapsulation, especially when it comes to electronic components, is an aspect we take very seriously.

Our specialized encapsulation process for Parylene C includes an optional O2 plasma pretreatment to enhance surface adhesion, complemented by an optional adhesion promoter using an organosilane (A-174) for superior encapsulation integrity. While we have optimized our process around these methods, we recognize that different applications may require alternative encapsulation techniques or adhesion promoters. If you have specific needs or preferences outside of our standard offerings, we're open to discussions to determine the best approach and what we can feasibly offer.

In addition to our encapsulation service, we offer a comprehensive electrical validation service. This service ensures that Parylene C encapsulated devices retain their electrical functionality over time. Using meticulous test protocols, we evaluate the stability, integrity and performance of the encapsulated electronic components against potential degradation.

Our Parylene C encapsulation and validation services include:

  • Custom Parylene C encapsulation: Application of encapsulation methods tailored to specific device requirements, taking into account the intended biological environment.
  • Optional surface treatments: Enhanced device surface adhesion through O2 plasma pretreatment and the use of silane (A-174) adhesion promoters.
  • Long-Term Electrical Validation: Rigorous testing of encapsulated electronic components for long-term stability and optimum performance.

By combining Parylene C encapsulation with long-term electrical validation, we provide comprehensive solutions for the longevity and safety of biocompatible electronic devices. Whether you're in research, development or deployment, our specialized services ensure that your devices meet the demanding requirements of today's biomedical applications.