Foam Analysis and Characterization

Dr. Xin Xiong
Group Leader Biofunctionalized Surfaces

Foams are ubiquitous materials with extremely complex structures, but they often present unpredictable difficulties in terms of analysis and manufacturing processes.

Foams have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Understanding their unique properties and behavior is critical for developing and optimizing applications in a variety of industries, ranging from cosmetics, food, medical devices to aerospace.

For manufacturers and product developers, elucidating the formation of foams as well as their stability, behavior, moisture and structure is of great interest. The same applies to industries where the formation of foam is undesirable, such as in the production of paints and cooling lubricants.

In order to meet these various requirements, we offer not only material and process development but also comprehensive characterization of foams along the entire process chain.

Our services

  • Analysis and characterization of foams based on detailed characterization of individual foam films
  • Basic properties of individual foam films, foam film thickness, film stability and permeability
  • Stability and properties of foams and foam films
  • Rheological tests
  • Thermal and chemical analysis of foams and their raw materials