Biomedicine & Materials Science

Dr. Hanna Hartmann
Head of Biomedicine & Material Sciences

We are driven by the desire to develop a deeper understanding of biological processes and create innovative solutions in areas such as biomaterials, regenerative medicine, in vitro test systems, bio(medical) engineering and nanotechnology.

An interdisciplinary research team deals with the interface of biology, medicine and material sciences. We develop innovative technologies from microelectronics, sensor technology, biotechnology and material sciences to improve medical diagnoses, therapies and medical devices. Important progress topics here are biologization, miniaturization and the individualization of medical devices. Medical technology is characterized by new regulations and increasingly stringent certification requirements. We support you!

Another focus is nanoanalytics, for the investigation of structures and properties of functional materials and devices.

Possible applications range from materials science to biology and medicine. For the development and processing of new materials, research into the smallest structures down to dimensions of a millionth of a millimeter is indispensable today.

Selected projects

Nanodiag - Future Cluster Nanopore Technologies

Multimod 3D - Complementary and correlative imaging for 3D bioprinting

„Modular immunocompetent multi-organ-chip integrating tumor, microenvironment and lymph node models to study cancer-immune interaction via non-invasive imaging“

MIK- the MDR- & IVDR-Competence Centre

CaSino- Research on an alternative to lithium for batteries