Development of Microelectrode Arrays (MEA)

Dr. Peter D. Jones
Group Leader Biomedical Micro and Nano Engineering

Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are critical tools in electrophysiology, enabling the capture of spatially distinct electrophysiological events in both in vitro and in vivo contexts.

These arrays provide insight into the behavior and responses of cell cultures, organs and organoids, whether observed over time or in response to external stimuli. Select MEAs even have the ability to target specific regions with electrical stimuli and record the subsequent response.

Custom Microelectrode Arrays for Your Research Needs

Dive deep into the world of electrophysiology or impedance measurements with our custom microelectrode arrays. Choose from substrates such as glass, silicon, or flexible polymer film to meet your specific needs.

Looking for precision in the detection of biological electrical signals?

Whether you're investigating primary cell cultures, studying brain organoids, or conducting in-depth animal or human studies, we've got you covered. Our deep expertise in microelectrode array fabrication enables us to provide you with custom designs.

Why choose our microelectrode arrays?

Benefit from our technology that allows for the placement of numerous microelectrodes in tight configurations optimized for low noise and effective stimulation. Gain deeper insight into neural networks and the intricacies of brain function.

Our offerings include

  • Expert advice on microelectrode array design
  • Upscaling of innovative concepts
  • Prototype and low-volume manufacturing
  • Fabrication of microelectrode arrays on both rigid and flexible materials for various applications


Available electrode materials: TiN, Au, Au-PEDOT, ITO, Ti, Cr


Standard designs feature:

  • Substrates with dimensions of 49x49 mm
  • Number of electrodes: 60, 120, 256
  • Electrode dimensions: 30 um
  • Spacing: 200 um


Looking for something unique?

Contact us for custom design inquiries. We're eager to work with you to meet your specific needs.


NMI is the organizer of the International Conference on Microelectrode Arrays for Life Sciences (MEA Meeting).