Collagen-based biomaterials and biochemical functionalization of collagen

Dr. Xin Xiong
Group Leader Biofunctionalized Surfaces

Our innovative biomaterials research and advanced (bio)chemical functionalization methods enable the development of collagen materials for regenerative medical applications.

Collagen has long enjoyed a high level of interest in medical technology due to its exceptional biocompatibility and functionality. Our research addresses the use of collagen's inherent strengths as a biomaterial to create innovative solutions for tissue engineering, wound regeneration, and other biomedical applications. Through a combination of interdisciplinary expertise and state-of-the-art techniques, we research and develop collagen-based materials for various medical purposes.

Our efforts also extend to the field of (bio)chemical functionalization, where we explore methods to modify and/or functionalize collagen at the molecular level. These methods allow us to tailor the properties of collagen for specific applications and improve its performance and efficacy. By focusing on translatability and reproducibility, we strive to unlock the full potential of collagen and make it an even more valuable resource in the field of regenerative medicine.


  • 6D-BioBone- Multidimensional biomimetic scaffold for dental bone regeneration
  • OKEM- Patient-specific on-site functionalization of bone graft substitutes with long-term antibiotic activity
  • PolyKARD- Synthesis of a biomimetic pericardial polymer for cardiac applications