Patch Clamp

Dr. Timm Danker
Group Leader Electrophysiology

Manual and automated patch-clamp, the gold standard in electrophysiology

Your advantage is our expertise in electrophysiology, biochemistry and pharmacology and our knowledge of the functional relevance of ion channel function and dysfunction in a variety of tissues.


Our Services

We offer the gold standard in electrophysiology, manual or automated patch-clamp for the profiling of compounds in:

  • Cell lines
  • Primary cells
  • Stem cell-derived cells (hiPSC)
  • Tissue sections


Our fields of indications are:

  •  Cardiac safety
  •  CNS/PNS
  •  Retina
  •  Pain

We offer routine assays to study drug effects on voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels as well as customer-tailored solutions and assay development. For a more detailed discussion on your specific requirements, please contact us.



  • Manual Patch Clamp
  • Automtated Patch Clamp (Qpatch)



  • Sophion Qpatch 16X