Drug Target Gene Expression

Dr. Frank Weise
Group Leader Molecular and Neurobiology

Drug target gene expression technologies - Knockdown, Knockout, Overexpression

Target proteins (drug targets) are either (inducibly) overexpressed or their expression is inhibited (knock-down, knock-out). In this way, model systems are established that can be used for target validation, functional analysis and drug screening.


Our services

To support your target validation activities we offer:

  • Cloning of your gene of interest into a suitable expression vector
  • selection of promoters of different strengths
  • lentiviral transduction of a cell culture of your choice
  • selection of stable recombinant cell lines (polyclonal or monoclonal) and validation by gene expression analysis (on the mRNA or protein level)
  • Characterization with regard to target protein localization
  • Functional characterization (e.g. cell proliferation, apoptosis, metabolism, other assays on request)


We offer freedom to operate due to licenses for lentiviral technology, CRISPR/Cas9 & RNA interference technologies.

Since 2001 we have produced

> 250 cDNA expression vectors,

> 850 stable recombinant cell lines for the expression of

> 200 target proteins, and generated

used > 100 parental lines or primary cell cultures.



  • Gene expression analysis (qRT-PCR, Western blot)
  • Immunofluorescence Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry
  • ELISA, Homogenous Time-resolved Fluorescence (HTRF)



  • Flow Cytometry: BD FACSmelody, BD LSR Fortessa
  • Microscopy: CLSM (Zeiss), ImageXpress Micro confocal (Molecular Devices)
  • Western blot: Typhoon Trio imager, LI-COR Odyssey
  • Real time PCR: StepOnePlus, 7500 Fast
  • ELISA, HTRF: Tecan Spark, BMG Labtech PHERAstar