DigiWest® - High Content Protein Profiling

Dr. Markus Templin
Group Leader Assay Development

DigiWest® is an advanced immunoassay technology based on the Western blot principle for next stage studies in drug discovery and biomarker discovery. It is also a pioneering service in multiplex protein profiling.

Elucidation of the effects of new drug candidates requires extensive molecular studies of cellular signal transduction pathways. Miniaturized immunoassays can be used to detect differences in the amount and activation of key proteins (pharmacodynamic and predictive biomarkers) in cell lines and primary tumor tissue. The proprietary DigiWest® technology allows for comprehensive analysis of smallest sample volumes. Our expertise here lies particularly in the analysis of cellular signal transduction.


Our services

  • Development of multiplex immunoassays (Luminex platform) and conventional ELISAs
  • Sample analysis of exploratory, preclinical and clinical study samples
  • Characterization of antibodies: specificity, affinity, epitope mapping
  • Sensitive protein detection
    • Classical Western blot
    • Proteinsimple technology
    • High throughput Digiwests
  • Analysis of cellular signal transduction using DigiWest technology
    • Focus on the mode of action of pharmacologically active substances
  • Biomarker identification



  • Digiwest®
  • Western blot and ProteinSimple
  • Multiplex sandwich immunoassays
  • Multiplex serological immunoassays
  • Determination of affinities as well as "on-off" kinetics



  • Luminex MAGPIX, FLEXMAP 3D and xMAP IntelliFLEX DR-SE
  • Proteinsimple - WES
  • Beckmann Coulter Robot
  • Kingfisher Flex (Thermo Scientific)
  • Capillary electrophoresis Sciex PA 800 Plus