BioDevCenter - Biologicals Development Center

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Joos
Deputy Director of the Institute

Innovative biologicals are among the drivers of the healthcare industry. The double-digit growth rate in the European pharmaceutical market illustrates the medical need for biotechnologically produced drugs and their growing importance for patients.

Biologicals have a wide range of applications: as novel theranostics, they are increasingly used in therapy and diagnostics, but can also be used to coat surfaces. Other fields of application include the development of optimized antibody formats or experimental vaccines, thus also offering an approach to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The aim of the Biologicals Development Center is to establish and operate a regional competence center for the development of biotechnologically produced proteins (so-called biologicals) for personalized medicine. The BioDevCenter thus offers an absolute locational advantage for companies and start-ups in the Reutlingen, Tübingen and Zollernalb region.

The RegioWIN lighthouse project benefits from its interdisciplinary team consisting of scientists from the NMI in Reutlingen, the Werner Siemens Imaging Center (WSIC) at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and the University Hospital Tübingen. For the scientists involved in the project, the infrastructure provided by the NMI and WSIC offers an excellent basis for the translation of research results into clinical practice. This contributes significantly to the rapid development of drugs and promotes the personalized diagnostics of the future.

The lighthouse project "Biologicals Development Center" (BioDevCenter) of the regional development concept RegioWIN FORTUNA Neckar-Alb receives support from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the EU (ERDF funds) for the upcoming research.

Here you can read the new RegioWIN 2030 Broschure.

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