Surface Functionalization and Characterization

Dr. Xin Xiong
Group Leader Biofunctionalized Surfaces
Dr. Hanna Hartmann
Head of Biomedicine & Material Sciences

For the targeted modification of existing materials and for the biofunctionalization of medical devices, the NMI develops, manufactures and tests novel biomaterials and customized coatings.

Development of coating processes:

  • Regulation of the degradation behavior of material and/or coating
  • Development of collagen-based biomaterials for tissue engineering
  • Development of analytical strategies for characterization of bio- and nanomaterials
  • Chemical syntheses/modification of (bio)polymers
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods for characterization of surfaces and polymers of medical devices



  • LAA-Okkluder- Development of a novel atrial appendage closure system for stroke prophylaxis
  • ASD-Okkluder- Development of a bioresorbable occluder for the treatment of atrial septal defects
  • RNA-Stent- RNA stent coated coronary stents to prevent restenosis
  • SuPerB- Stable, environmentally friendly perovskite solar cells thanks to barrier and bonding layers
  • Pyrobeads

Control of cell biological reactions (e.g. cell adhesion, immune response)

  • Development of biocompatible coatings
  • Functional (nano-)coatings: anti-adhesive and/or antibacterial surfaces, improvement of biocompatibility
  • Immobilization and controlled release of active ingredients from coatings or implants