Pharma & Biotech

Prof. Dr. Hansjürgen Volkmer
Head of Pharma & Biotech

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by dynamic developments and considerable progress in bio-medical research. The industry is characterized by ever-increasing competition with short time-to-market times in an increasingly regulated environment.

Chronic and degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and the increasing cases of mental illness are important areas of focus for Pharma and Biotech.

New technologies such as complex protein analysis processes, biosensor technology and high-resolution visualization processes enable new therapeutic approaches and thus open up attractive fields of activity for research and development. In the future, individualized or personalized medicine and thus the development of tailored drug therapies will allow more effective treatment while ensuring maximum patient safety.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focusing their resources and outsourcing research to external partners in order to benefit more efficiently from technical and scientific progress in biomedicine. This creates considerable opportunities, which the NMI is actively exploring.

We perform R&D projects and services for preclinical drug development and clinical research for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries.

We focus on:

  • Target Research and Biomarkers - for early diagnostics and efficient drug discovery
  • Drug Development Support - for elucidation of drug effects
  • Bioanalytics - Detailed analysis of recombinant proteins by means of modern mass spectrometry
  • New technologies - development of new in-vitro and in-vivo test systems

Selected Projects

PRIMO - Personalized Medicine for Tailored Cancer Therapies

RESPINOW- Development of an integration model to simulate the transmission of various respiratory infections

VIDA - Bioinformatics, biophysical and cell biology methods to reduce the failure rate of clinical drug candidates

NeuroTool -  NeuroDeRisk Project

MULTICOV-AB - Allows parallel testing of the individual immune response to different proteins or protein fragments