Energy storage and carrier materials of the next generations

Dr. Tarek Lutz
Group Leader Interfacial and Nanoanalytics

The switch to regenerative forms of energy and to e-mobility has led to an enormous increase in public, economic and scientific interest in batteries and fuel cells. With our interdisciplinary team, we are researching more efficient and resource-saving energy storage of the next generation.

For this, it is important to better understand phenomena at the internal interfaces in battery and energy carrier materials. We are therefore continuously developing nanoanalytical methods to study these interfacial processes and applying correlative nanoanalytics to better understand reaction mechanisms at the electrode-electrolyte interfaces. In addition, we are developing model coatings to further develop the interfacial processes.


Enable - Reduction of the content of cobalt

InterBatt - Interfaces in solid state batteries

Casino - Post lithium battery materials