Biomedical technology

Technologies for medical products

The NMI performs pre-competitive research for medical technology companies and supports their production and quality assurance processes. This professional groundwork secures the high quality of products and thus gives companies a competitive edge on the global market.

We test and analyze manufacturing processes and materials, develop standards, and define requirements for the long-term functionality and cleanliness of materials and their surfaces. The expertise of the NMI can also be made available to perform damage analyses.

Surface analytical and mechanical tests for medical products
Cleaning, sterilization and handling all place high demands on instruments, catheters and implants. Our tests, many of which employ accredited methods, enable the development of stable structures and surfaces, cleaning-friendly designs, and reliable treatment processes.

Bonding and coating methods for medical products

Bonding is becoming increasingly important as a cost-effective joining technology in the medical sector. The NMI offers consulting services and test methods for the systematic selection and handling of bonding materials and the pre-treatment of surfaces.

Suitable coatings can be used to adapt the properties of material surfaces to a particular application environment. The NMI offers support for the development of customized surfaces for medical products.