The electrophysiology group focuses on the function and dysfunction of ion channels and membrane receptors. Modern electrophysiological methods are used to investigate mechanisms of cellular signal processing and transmission as well as intercellular communication under physiological and pathophysiological conditions and during cellular differentiation.

For customers from the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology we develop cell-based and organ-related electrophysiological test procedures in the field of pharmaceutical research as well as preclinical drug development and safety pharmacology.


  • Development of cellular and near-organ model systems for the electrophysiological characterization of cellular communication and signal processing in clinical and pharmaceutical research.
  • Focus areas: Neuro- and sensory physiology, heart physiology, muscle physiology.
  • Established electrophysiological test systems for the investigation of functional cellular parameters (single cell level, cellular networks, tissue sections, organ preparations).
  • Development of customized cellular assays for the analysis of active substances on ion channels, transmitter and transporter systems
  • Automation of electrophysiological assays

Techniques, methods, equipment


  • manual and automated patch clamping
  • manual and automated two-electrode voltage clamp
  • Intra- and extracellular derivatives
  • Microelectrode array (MEA)-based biosensors
  • Isolated organs for the investigation of receptor binding
  • Papillary muscle measuring station
  • Langendorff Heart measuring station

Cell biological:

  • Production of tissue sections
  • Cultivation of cell lines, primary cells and tissue slices
  • Expression of human ion channels in cell lines
  • Expression of human ion channels, receptors and transporters in oocytes


Neuroscience Society, Zoological Society, German Physiological Society, Association for the Promotion of Biotechnology Stuttgart/Tübingen/Neckar-Alb, Society for Neuroscience, Safety Pharmacology Society

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