Multidimensional biomimetic scaffold for dental bone regeneration


The "6D-Biobone" project aims to demonstrate that innovative and intelligent bone substitute materials with six-dimensional functionalization optimally ensure the regeneration of lost bone tissue. For this purpose, the already commercially available 3D material (maxresorb® block of hydroxyapatite and b-tricalcium phosphate) is used as the initial CMG due to its already good resorbability during bone healing. To ensure biological efficacy in controlled stimulation of wound healing and regeneration, the synthetic three-dimensional CMM is combined with a collagen network (4D) and a nanotopographic polyelectrolyte multilayer coating (5D) for immobilization and controlled release of osseostimulatory factors. In addition, the scaffold will be investigated for its regenerative properties by means of a co-culture of osteoblasts and endothelial cells on the one hand and optional supplementation (6D) on the other, in order to be able to give the synthetic KEM precisely those regenerative properties that are comparable to autologous bone grafts (Fig. 1). The new biomaterial-based product will be developed in the present project for the regeneration of lost bone tissue in dentistry. In addition, it can also be used in other clinical areas such as traumatology and orthopedics, where it can lead to improved patient compliance by avoiding painful and risky harvesting operations for autologous bone.

In addition to the development of material components and their validation by means of ex vivo, in vitro and in vivo tests, as well as the initiation of a first clinical trial, the regulatory support on both the German and Chinese sides is intended to ensure the successful completion of the project on the basis of an alliance of partners from both countries.

The development of this highly demand- and patient-oriented medical product leads directly to an improvement of the market position for the German project participants and consolidates Germany as a location for the production of bone substitute materials.

01.09.2019 - 31.08.2022