HEAL-X Bioink

Research and development of a bio-inspired, self-healing biomaterial ink for 3D bioprinting


The overall goal of this project is to develop a self-healing, bio-inspired and functional hydrogel platform for next-generation 3D bioprinting. The project is inspired by supramolecular, biochemical interactions observed in nature in various organisms and tissues. By transferring biological principles, self-healing gel properties, cell adhesion, directed cell interaction and organization as well as temporally and spatially resolved release of active substances in a mechanically stable bioink are aimed at.

In the HEAL-X Bioink project, the bio-inspired approach is being realized in order to create a cell environment that is as realistic as possible. The material platform is characterized by its temporally and spatially modulatable behavior (microstructural 4D material) and serves as a material innovation for next-generation 3D bioprinting and its diverse applications.

01.12.2023 - 30.11.2026


Dr. Hanna Hartmann

Head of Biomedicine & Material Sciences
Group Leader Regenerative Biomaterials