Pharma and biotechnology

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Stoll

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The NMI uses the entire range of advanced technical analytics to identify and quantify a broad range of materials within public or industry related research.

Within recent years NMI scientists have gained specific expertise in the analysis of:
- natural products such as proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides
  and metabolites
- synthetic active ingredients
- chemical auxiliary materials and impurities

Innovative chromatographic or electrophoretic separation methods are employed and combined with various detection methods to achieve optimal results in terms of efficiency, cost and throughput.

- Release kinetics of drug-eluting stents
- Quality control of synthetic peptides
- Quality control of recombinant or chemically-modified proteins
- Quality control of RNA and DNA oligonucleotides
- Mass spectrometry-based enzyme assays
- HPLC-MS/MS-based analyses of phospholipids and lipid
- Protein identification from complex mixtures
- Method development for HPLC, ESI- or MALDI-mass spectrometry