Development of photostructurable, biochemically functionalizable hydrogels


The collaborative project FoBioGel aims at the development of photo-structurable, biochemically functionalizable hydrogels in the sense of a technology platform. These hydrogels are to be used as a biomimetic extracellular matrix in 3D bioprinting and in novel, complex in vitro models (organ-on-chip) for drug development and personalized medicine.

The project partner Cellendes GmbH will carry out the material development of the hydrogels in the project.

At the NMI, the Organ-on-Chip group will evaluate the properties and application potential of the newly developed hydrogels as well as their use as bioinks for 3D bio-printing. A cancer-on-chip system will be used as a biological test environment.

With these materials, in-vitro tissue models will be feasible in the future, which aim to avoid or reduce animal experiments in accordance with the 3R goals of the 3R Center Tübingen-Reutlingen.

01.10.2022 - 30.09.2024


Simon Werner