A paradigm shift in health monitoring with electrospun enzymatic neomaterials

Specializing in electrospinning, NMI excels in the precise fabrication of nanofibers from various materials. In this module, we harness the power of electrospinning to create hollow fibers as the fundamental building blocks of our biosensor. Electrospinning offers numerous advantages, including the entrapment of enzymes, fine-tuning of enzyme activity within the fibers, increased surface area, and integration of conductive materials for electrochemical detection. NMI will optimize the electrospinning process, ensuring the production of biocompatible, permeable fibers that allow for the analysis of wound analytes while maintaining enzyme integrity.

The WOUNDSENSE project consortium is comprised of leading institutions from the research, industrial and academic sectors. With this multidisciplinary team, and funding provided by the EIC Pathfinder Challenges, we aim to create a non-invasive method for the precise and effective care of chronic-wound patients.
01.11.2023 - 31.10.2027


Dr. Hanna Hartmann

Head of Biomedicine & Material Sciences