Feedthrough-free, magnetically coupled gear pump

In the project, a compact, magnetically coupled gear pump is being developed which is driven without a feedthrough and is therefore particularly suitable for pumping contamination-sensitive fluids. The MGP is manufactured by injection molding and can therefore be produced cost-effectively and in scalable quantities. Both contract manufacturing and licensing are possible.


The microcoolpump project, a cooperation between the NMI (coordination) and the Kunststoffinstitut Lüdenscheid (KIMW), aims to develop a small magnetically driven micropump with a delivery volume of approx. 1000ml/min as well as the scalable, high-precision manufacturing technologies suitable for its production. An immediate need for such a micropump is for liquid-filled cooling bandages, which are being developed in the MOLLICool project. The magnetic coupling to the external drive enables applications where hermetic encapsulation of the conveyed material from the environment is important, e.g. to reliably prevent contamination, leakage or odor nuisance. All components of the pump are injection molded, which means that they are manufactured cost-effectively and in scalable quantities. It is therefore also suitable for single-use applications where a circulation pump is required and can already be integrated in a sterile environment with the pump developed here.



01.04.2019 - 31.03.2021