Transparent carbon-based electrodes

Transparent carbon electrodes (CNT, CNT-graphene hybrid) allow simultaneous optical and electrical measurements.

Microelectrode arrays (MEA) with transparent electrodes allow optical access to the interface between the electrode and the cell. This means that cells can be optically stimulated, for example, and at the same time the contact between the sensor and the cell can be imaged with high resolution.


In addition to the development of the transparent electrodes, the project also aims to develop coating systems and processes that make it possible to produce MEA substrates for multiwell systems economically. Carbon-based electrodes are used for this. The coating of graphene-like electrodes should be possible by combining PA-CVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) and PA-ALD (plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition) with suitable precursors. A further development will be a hybrid electrode that combines CNT and graphene layers.

01.10.2015 - 30.09.2018


Dr. Claus J. Burkhardt

Group Leader Nanoanalytics