The surfaces specialist group of microTEC Südwest e.V.

microTEC Südwest's Surfaces specialist group sees itself as a network of experts and thus as an innovation driver for surface topics in microsystems technology.

In addition to the exchange of information among the members of the specialist group, they are also available with their expertise for inquiries from external parties on the following surface topics related to microsystems technology:

  • Analytics/Functional Properties/Materials Science,
  • Functionalization through modification,
  • Coating processes and
  • Structuring

Up to now, the division has been intensively involved mainly with coatings for functionalization, with measurement and with the cleaning or purity of surfaces. Thus, the division has a comprehensive performance overview for different measurement tasks on surfaces, which are currently being transferred to a database.


More info about the specialist group and microTEC Südwest can be found here.

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