Large-area, flexible heat pipes for applications in human medicine, building air conditioning and mobility


Flexible, large-area heat pipes ("FlexHP") that can be adapted to almost any topology would, if available, have a variety of applications in thermotherapy in human and veterinary medicine as well as heat distribution and dissipation systems in energy-efficient building air conditioning and in systems for sustainable mobility (e.g. battery cooling systems). Rigid heat pipes with high thermal conductivity are commercially available as state of the art, but cannot be used for the above applications. To develop these applications, the FlexHP project aims to produce prototypes of large-area flexible heat pipes, measure their thermal conductivity properties and test them in the application environment, initially in thermotherapy (human medicine).

01.10.2022 - 24.07.2024
MWK32-7535-30/2/4 & FEIH_ProT_2518355