DigiWest® - High Content Protein Profiling

Dr. Markus Templin
Group Leader Assay Development

DigiWest® is an advanced multiplex protein profiling service for in-depth pathway activity analyses in drug development and biomarker discovery. 

Save time, go beyond genomics, use less sample, and save lab resources - look at hundreds of total and phosphoproteins in one go!

DigiWest® can be used for a wide range of applications. From drug discovery (e.g., compound MoA, in-vivo studies) to biomarker discovery on the protein level, the Digiwest platform can study whole signaling pathways and it is completely customizable.

Just 20-60 μg of total protein is needed for DigiWest® protein profiling, enabling highly parallelized protein profiling analyses from 2D/3D cells, organoids, xenografts, PDX, tissues, and tissue sections (fresh-frozen or FFPE).

Proteins of Interest
80 to 800 proteins can be studied in one DigiWest®. And the choice is up to you - we offer a selection of 1,500+ analytes (including 300+ phospho-epitopes), which can be picked manually or from 50+ different signaling pathway panels.