September 2023

Authors: David Grijalva Garces, Svenja Strauß, Sarah Gretzinger, Barbara Schmieg, Tomasz Juengst, Juergen Groll, Lorenz Meinel, Isabelle Schmidt, Hanna Hartmann, Katja Schenke-Layland

On the reproducibility of extrusion-based bioprinting: round robin study on standardization in the field



The outcome of 3D bioprinting heavily depends, amongst others, on the interaction between the developed bioink, the printing process, and the printing equipment. However, if this interplay is ensured, bioprinting promises unmatched possibilities in the health care area. To pave the way for comparing newly developed biomaterials, clinical studies, and medical applications (i.e. printed organs, patient-specific tissues), there is a great need for standardization of manufacturing methods in order to ena