Bio­medical Micro and Nano Engineering

We apply our core competences in micro and nanoengineering to applications in the life sciences and biomedical engineering. Our expertise includes flexible neural interfaces, microelectrode arrays, microimplants, microsensors and microfluidics. We apply techniques of cleanroom microfabrication, thin film deposition, micro- and nanostructuring, surface engineering, and assembly and packaging. We additionally test devices, surface and coatings for functionality and long-term stability.

We work closely with both academic and private partners, in research projects or as an engineering service. Our microdevices are used in laboratories worldwide for pharmaceutical and biological research purposes.
We work on flexible electronics as well as on glass, quartz or silicon. Functional structures such as electrical conductors and low impedance electrodes can be structured by optical lithography (1 to 100 µm) as well as electron beam, focused ion beam (FIB) and nanoimprint lithography (>20 nm). We employ biostable electrodes made of titanium nitride, iridium, conductive polymers and carbon nanomaterials (e.g. graphene) with optimal properties for electrophysiology (low noise and/or high charge injection capacity). We produce microelectrode arrays and sensors tailored to specific applications, including implantable devices, ex vivo preparations, and 2D or 3D cell cultures. We additionally specialize in packaging, encapsulation and testing.

We develop manufacturing processes based on methods from micro- and nanotechnology to meet the highest quality requirements. By means of surface modifications, we optimize the properties of industrial products according to customer requirements. In particular, we offer methods to protect products from corrosion and wear to increase their durability. We investigate the stability and quality of our developments, and also offer this service to industrial partners. We also test adhesives and bonding from the macro world such as automotive, construction, lightweight construction, mechanical engineering and medical technology, using tensile, tensile shear, peel, compression and bending tests, as well as DMA and DSC analyses.


  • Flexible microelectrode systems for electrophysiological for interfacing biologic tissue
  • Microsystems process engineering
  • Coatings and surface modifications
  • Encapsulations
  • Test engineering especially for implantable microsystems
  • Materials testing, including mechanical, thermal and thermomechanical test engineering
  • Services for the development of reliable adhesive and bonding Methods            

Methods and equipment

  • CAD-Design of Micro Structures
  • MEMS processes for biostable systems   
  • Plasma technology (PVD, PECVD)
  • Parylene, DLC, ceramic and glass like coatings


  • DGBMT /vde
  • Microtec Südwest