Ihr Ansprechpartner
Dr. Günther Zeck

Tel: 07121 51530-807


  • Extracellular recording from dissociated neuronal cultures, from retinas and from hippocampal slices. Recordings performed at very high spatial (7.4 µm) and temporal resolution (6-40 kHz).
  • Electrical stimulation of single neurons and of neural tissue (retina).
  • Characterization of contact properties of neural tissue interfaced to substrate-integrated planar electrodes

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • High-density Multi-Electrode-Arrays (60, 256 or 16000 recording sites)(Infineon / MultiChannelSystem MCS)
  • Planar Multi-Capacitor-Stimulation Arrays (Infineon)
  • Stimulus Generator (STG 2004, MCS)
  • Microscope with Laser Dissection Unit (iMIC, Till Photonics)
  • Potentiostat (Parstat 2263, Princeton Applied Research)
  • Laminar Flow-Box
  • Vibratome for the preparation of brain slices (Leica VT 1200S)
  •  Incubators (Thermo Fischer) including roller culture

Methods and Techniques

  • Analysis of neuronal signals (Spike Sorting: Offlinesorter/Plexon, Matlab, Mathematica, NeurochipSorter/C++)
  • Hardware control via LabView (National Instruments)
  • Long-term neuronal cultures
  • Ex vivo retinas
  • Cortical and hippocampal organotypic slices


  • Characterization of substrate-integrated Multi-Electrode-Arrays
  • Characterization of neuronal Cultures and Tissues (Retina)