Keynote Speaker

Stem Cell-Derived Applications:
Prof. Zameel Cader, Oxford University, UK

Assay Development:
Isabelle Niespodziany, UCB Pharma, Belgium

Microelectrode Array Technology:
Timothy D. Harris, Janelia Research Campus, USA

In Vivo Applications:
Prof. Thomas Stieglitz, IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Germany

Stimulation strategies:
Prof. Ido Kanter, Bar Ilan University, Israel


Oral and Poster Sessions

The MEA Meeting 2018 will offer a comprehensive overview of the following topics related to current MEA techniques and applications:

MEA Technology
Electrode materials & design, MEA fabrication, CMOS-based arrays

Stem cell derived applications
MEA based applications using iPSC / ESC  derived electrogenic cells
(neurons, cardiomyocytes, muscle cells, beta cells, etc…)

Stimulation strategies
Electrical stimulation using MEAs, Optogenetic stimulation and MEA recording,
chemical stimulation and MEA recording, closed-loop stimulation

In vivo applications of MEAs
Clinical applications, Neuromonitoring, Neurostimulation, Data analysis

Neural Networks
3D cultures, Network analysis, synaptic connectivity, brain slices, retina, computational neuroscience

Microphysiological systems
Organ-on-a chip, Lab-on-chip, Integration of Microfluidics and MEAs

Assay development
Pharmacological MEA test systems , Single / Multiwell applications for industrial purposes

Social events:

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•    July 4th, 2018: Our already traditional Punt ride on the river Neckar in Tuebingen.

•    July 5th, 2018:  Dinner with culture in splendid ambience, Castle Hohenneuffen, including an exciting program (