Pharma and biotechnology

Targets and biomarker

We combine new approaches in functional genomics and proteomics to identify and validate new target proteins for drug development and/or biomarkers for the early identification and/or more effective treatment of diseases. Both areas of application support developments within the field of personalized medicine.

Our research focuses on oncology, diseases of the central nervous system and inflammation.

Protein arrays - multiplex immunoassays

Our research activities enable us to analyze signalling pathways using miniaturized multiplexed immunoassays. We are developing new mass spectrometry methods for the in-depth analysis of a given proteome.

Functional analysis

Functional protein analyses are used to identify and validate drug targets and biomarkers.

We offer specialization in the use of RNAi libraries and in designing RNAi vectors for oncology and the central nervous system.

Apart from the generation of genetically-modified cells, we also apply model systems in vivo.