New materials


Eye chip implant

einzelne Elektroden eines Retina Implantats

The restoration of sight after blindness is an age-old dream that can come true by means of intelligent implants.

Since 1995, the NMI has been working on the development of a sub-retinal chip with the University Eye Hospital of the University of Tuebingen and other partners, such as the Institute for Microelectronics in Stuttgart. A spin-off company, Retina Implant AG, was founded in 2003 and the patented results of research were put into operation when the method was approved.
Groundbreaking research had been conducted by the NMI with the aim of ensuring safe electrical stimulation of the retina. Other important achievements were the development of microelectrodes as well as biostable materials for isolating and encapsulating the ultra-thin microimplants.
The innovative technologies involved in the retina implant project made a major contribution to the development of cochlear implants and those for diagnosing epilepsy.