Surface and materials technology

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Dr. Claus J. Burkhardt

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Microsystem and nanotechnology

Microsystem and nanotechnology are among the technologies with the greatest innovation potential.

Above all, they benefit biotechnology and medical technology. Microimplants, BioMEMS, lab-on-a-chip systems, and neurochips are just some of the key terms in this area.

Smart systems are the latest trend in the development of microsystem technology. Intelligent integration of a multitude of individual components paves the way for complex systems with ever greater intelligence in ever smaller components. This paves the way for systems with increasingly sophisticated functions, such as intelligent implants and sensor modules.

New materials and methods offer new opportunities and options for further miniaturization, as does the integration of nanotechnologies. The topics we are addressing on an interdisciplinary level in projects with companies and partners from academic institutions and hospitals include carbon nanotubes for new types of sensors in medical technology, nanostructured and biofunctionalized surfaces for lab-on-a-chip applications, and innovative manufacturing processes for small series production of microsystems with integrated nanostructures and biomaterials.