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Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH:
Microelectrode arrays for the neurosciences


Retina Implant AG:
Intelligent implants for the blind


TETEC AG, Cellendes GmbH:
Tissue engineering for regenerative medicine


Technologies for medical technology


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Partnership proposal 

We have broad expertise in the biosciences and material science and are eager to be involved as partners in small or large research projects.

What the NMI does

The NMI conducts research and development in decisive areas relating to future science, and to applications designed for the business areas within the scope of pharma & biotechnology, biomedical technology, and surface and interface technologies. We understand our role as a bridge linking science with industry.

About the NMI

The NMI is an application-oriented research institute. It is governed by a non-profit, public law foundation which is domiciled in Reutlingen.

What makes the NMI unique?

At the NMI, there are 16 working groups, involving scientists from almost every discipline belonging to the natural sciences. The unique interdisciplinary set up at the NMI, the spirit of exchange and vigorous teamwork create an environment in which daily research work becomes exciting and the diversity of tasks captivates the imagination – this inevitably results in genuinely new approaches being developed, which lead, for instance, to patents and publications.

Research funding at the NMI

Most of the interdisciplinary projects are funded by industry, federal government organizations, the European Union or the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Is the NMI involved in academic teaching?

Several scientists at the NMI hold university teaching positions or have been given teaching assignments and lectureships at technical institutes or colleges. A wide range of interesting subjects is covered by the scientific activities at the NMI. It is this setting that successful collaborations between fundamental research and our application-oriented institute are stimulated. Consequently, we can offer interesting insights and perspectives to the growing numbers of students who find work or internships at the NMI.