Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH:
Microelectrode arrays for the neurosciences


Retina Implant AG:
Intelligent implants for the blind


TETEC AG, Cellendes GmbH:
Tissue engineering for regenerative medicine


Technologies for medical technology


Fast facts: Information for business enterprises

What can the NMI do for you? 

The NMI is the partner you need when it comes to application-oriented research and development. Customer satisfaction with our services and facilities is of paramount importance to us. Our proposals are geared towards supporting your enterprise: we deal with the developing and improving of viable operations and products.

What the NMI does

We conduct commercially-viable contract research and development designed for the business areas within the scope of pharma & biotechnology, biomedical technology, and surface and interface technologies.

Our strength lies in our interdisciplinary approach: it is the key to our success at the interface between the different fields of technology linked with the biosciences and material science. Through expertise and our experience in turning ideas into innovations we serve as a reputable link between science and industry.

Working on a project with the NMI

Whether the task you give us is small or whether it's a major research project: our staff will do the job wholeheartedly and find the right solution, down to the last detail, for small assignments as well as complex research areas. Depending on your requirements, we will put together a project team involving scientists from various working groups – this will ensure that your project or contract is carried out efficiently and meets with success.

Through our affiliations with academic institutions and other external research organizations we are part of an extensive, wide-ranging science network.

Partnerships and affiliations

Our clients include private business enterprises as well as government bodies such as the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the European Union. We are particularly keen on working with small companies.

Our references testify to our expertise and our high standard of customer service.

Who to contact for your enquiry

Choose your subject and contact our expert in the field directly.