Micro­systems & nano­tech­nology

The Microsystems & Nanotechnology Group operates the NMI cleanrooms. We specialize in the development and small-scale production of micro- and nanosystems for life sciences applications.

Special biostable electrodes made of titanium nitride and iridium as well as 3D electrodes are processed for these systems. Optical lithography, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam (FIB) and nanoimprint lithography are used for micro- and nanostructuring. Structures in the range of 20nm to 100µm can be generated.

Techniques, methods

Clean room class ISO 5

Thin film technology with

  • Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD)
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD)

Optical Lithography

  • Suss MA6
  • Suss MA200 Compact

nano lithography

  • Electron beam lithography (Zeiss FESEM Gemini with Raith Elphy)
  • Nanoimprinting (EVG 620)
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB) rapid prototyping
  • additive nanolithography
  • Ion Beam Induced Deposition (IBID)
  • ion etching

plasma etching

  • Metals and insulators


  • Development of 3D electrodes
  • Galvanic reinforcement of bond pads

wet processes

  • KOH Etching
  • HF etching

Analytics and Metrology

Analytical electron microscopy

  • EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis)
  • FIB/SEM cross-sectional analysis
  • FIB/SEM Tomography

Development of preparation methods

  • Biological Technical Interfaces

Electrochemical characterization methods,

  • impedance measurement
  • impedance spectroscopy 

Assembly and connection technology

  • gluing
  • soldering
  • bonding
  • laser microstructuring

Development and production of biosensors / microelectrode systems

  • MEAs
  • Polyimide MEAs
  • MEA Production