Micro­medical technology

The micromedical and surface engineering group combines expertise in the fabrication of micromedical devices and surface engineering.  This includes the manufacturing of MEMS based flexible electrode systems for interfacing neural and further bioelectrical tissues, technical implant systems for neuromodulation and bioelectronic therapy purposes, as well as surface engineering for improved system stability under harsh conditions.

We optimise surfaces of industrial and medical devices by developing coating processes for wear and corrosion protection, or provide  electrical insulating coatings for high electric field strengths.
We closely collaborate with the NMI experts for physical and biological analytics, mechanical testing, and electrophysiology.  


  • Flexible microelectrode systems for electrophysiological for interfacing biologic tissue
  • Microsystems process engineering
  • Coatings and surface modifications
  • Encapsulations
  • Test engineering especially for implantable microsystems           

Methods and equipment

  • CAD-Design of Micro Structures
  • MEMS processes for biostable systems   
  • Plasma technology (PVD, PECVD)
  • Parylene, DLC, ceramic and glass like coatings


  • DGBMT /vde
  • Microtec Südwest