BioMEMS & sensors

BioMEMS (Bio-Microelectromechanical Systems) serves applications in diagnostics and biotechnology, in particular microfluidic, organ-like cell culture systems and cartridge systems for point of care diagnostics.

The working group develops electrochemical systems for medical technology, e.g. blood gas measurement, implants. The group deals with functional coatings, CNT composites and nanotechnology. Furthermore, the research area includes the electrophoretic manipulation of particles in microfluidic systems and bioseparation. In addition, they use multiphysics to simulate field distributions, transport processes in microsystems as well as hydrodynamic and electrical forces.


  • Design, CAD and multiphysics simulation of microfluidic systems: Support for the development of microsystems
  • Screen printing and sensor development and production
  • Rapid prototyping: CAD, micro milling, laser processing
  • Functional surfaces: chemical functionalization, nanostructuring, electrochemical etching processes, nanocomposites
  • Flexible microfluidic controller system with software control

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • Sensor laboratory for manufacturing and testing, electrochemistry measuring station, impedance spectroscopy
  • screen printing plant
  • Microfluidic laboratory with fluorescence microscope, microfluidic controller, cameras
  • Chemical laboratory with glovebox, facilities for chemical surface functionalization
  • CAD/CAM system for rapid prototyping of microsystems, micro milling machine, laser processing machine
  • Fineplacer, adhesive bonding system
  • Multiphysics Simulation Software (CFD-ACE)


Spitzencluster microtec Südwest, Division Micro- and Nanotechnology of the DGBMT