Inter­faces & nano­analy­tics

The Interface and Microstructure Analysis working group uses a wide range of measurement and testing methods. As an accredited testing laboratory, we carry out tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Your customers come from various key technologies such as medical technology, nanoparticle technology and tribology. In addition to services for industry such as damage analysis, process validation, preparation of expert opinions, etc., we also carry out publicly funded research projects.


Medical technology

  • Testing new manufacturing processes and materials
  • Development of standards
  • Definition of requirements for
    • materials
    • material surfaces
    • long-term function
    • cleanliness

Nanoparticle technology

  • Analysis of physical and chemical solid state properties
  • elucidation of phenomena at interfaces and surfaces of nanostructures
  • Effectiveness of filter elements
  • Development of filter techniques in the aftertreatment of vehicle exhaust gases


  • Investigation of chemical and physical processes at the interface between lubricant and material
  • Failure analysis for material fatigue and wear
  • Reconnaissance and avoidance of tribological damage, e.g. in automotive engineering, ship gearboxes and wind turbines
  • Analysis of lubricants

Techniques, methods, equipment


  • Light microscopy LM
  • Infrared spectroscopy FTIR
  • Surface topography (3D roughness)
  • Contact angle and surface energy measurement
  • Spectroscopic
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy XPS, ESCA


  • Secondary ion mass spectrometry SIMS
  • Secondary Neutral Particle Mass Spectrometry SNMS

Electron microscopic

  • Scanning electron microscopy SEM with EDX
  • Focused Ion Beam FIB with EDX
  • Transmission electron microscopy TEM with EDX and EELS


  • instrumented penetrant testing (nanohardness) NH


Network for Electron Microscopy Tübingen NET, Competence Centre for Minimally Invasive Medicine and Technology Tübingen-Tuttlingen e.V. MITT, Competence Network Medical Valley Hechingen, Research Association Drive Technology e.V. FVA, Research Association Internal Combustion Engines e.V. FVV, Society for Tribology e.V. GfT, IHK Network Automotive, Investigation and Prevention of Damage to Lubricated Machine Elements under Practical Conditions (01.04.2003 - 30.09.2005)