Inter­face immuno­logy

Our group is engaged in the development and improvement of regenerative therapies for musculoskeletal tissues (cartilage, intervertebral disc, and bone). We focus on cellular aspects during biomaterial development, cell-matrix-interactions and the testing of biomaterials. We are also interested in the development of validated methods for quality control of cell-based medicinal products and the definition of prognostic biomarkers.


  • Testing / profiling of implants / biomaterials / therapeutics e.g. cytotoxicity, cell adhesion and cellular reactions in vitro and in vivo
  • Establishment of innovative test systems for customer-specific questions

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • Culture systems of various cell types, organotypical culture models, e.g. explant cultures
  • Diverse biochemical (proteins), molecular biological (focus: siRNA, mRNA), immunological analysis systems
  • FACS (fluorescence activated cell sorting), nanoparticle analytics/ZetaSizer
  • Histology, confocal laserscan microscopy, time-lapse video microscopy
  • Animal models for angiogenesis: chicken egg Chorioallantois membrane; for inflammation/fibrosis/implant Resorption: mouse subcutaneous; for neuroregeneration rat sciatica, and for adhesion: rat Cecum


Health Region REGiNA (User Centre for Regenerative Medicine between Neckar-Alb and Stuttgart)

Tübingen, Stuttgart, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Aarhus (Denmark), Porto (Portugal), Ness Ziona (Israel), Paris (France), Umea (Sweden), Aarhus (Denmark)