The Neurophysics group develops and characterizes hybrid nerve/chip systems. These include extracellular recordings of dissociated neuronal cultures, retinas and cultured brain slices with the highest spatial and temporal resolution, electrical stimulation of single cells and neuronal tissue/retina, damage measurements in neuronal tissue / detection of electroporation as well as modelling and measurement of contact properties of neuronal tissue and planar electrodes.


  • Functional characterization of neuronal tissue with substrate-integrated microelectrode arrays / neurochips

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • High-resolution micro-electrode arrays (60, 256 or 4225 electrodes) (MultiChannelSystems MCS GmbH)
  • Flexible, transparent, perforated electrode arrays (FLEX MEAs)
  • Electrode arrays for arbitrary stimulation (CMOS MEA 5000)
  • Stimulator units (MCS)
  • Microscope with laser manipulation unit (iMIC, Till Photonics)
  • Potentiostats (charge transfer measurement, specific capacities)
  • Laminar FlowBox
  • Vibratome for the production of brain sections (Leica VT 1200S)
  • Culture cabinets (Thermo Fischer, roller culture, tilting culture)


  • Analysis of neuronal signals (Matlab, Python, SpikeSorter for 4225 electrodes)
  • Electrostimulation (various protocols, electrodes)
  • Preparation and physiology of ex vivo retinas
  • Damage detection via fluorescence microscopy
  • Cortical brain slices (e.g. hippocampus)