Interface Characterization in the Production Process

The group Interface analytics in the production process deals with the effects of individual production steps on the quality of the interface or surface in various industries such as medical technology, mechanical engineering, automotive.

The working group supports its customers from the control of the starting materials to the development of process analytics. Main topics are cleanliness, corrosion, additive manufacturing, analysis of bonding and coating processes.

The NMI offers a wide range of methods in accredited areas according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 for testing materials and their surfaces.


  • Medical technology
  • Surface characterization according to DIN EN ISO 10993-18
  • Corrosion test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-15
  • Cleanliness tests with evaluation of cleanliness in comparison to standard surfaces

Services in the production process

  • Definition of requirements for materials, material surfaces, stability (incoming inspection)
  • Investigation of surface changes as a function of production processes, such as machining, coating and joining processes
  • Definition of process limits
  • Validation and development of process analytics
  • Damage analysis, investigation of causes for faulty processes

ABC of surface technology

  • Analysis of coatings, e.g. layer thickness, layer sequences, resistance, hardness, coating defects
  • Analysis of adhesive joints
  • Investigation of suitable surface pretreatment processes such as laser pretreatment, plasma pretreatment, etc.
  • Techniques, methods and equipment


  • Light microscopy LM
  • Infrared spectroscopy FTIR
  • confocal white light microscopy (surface topography, roughness values)
  • Contact angle and surface energy measurement


  • Photoelectron spectroscopy (HRXPS,ESCA) with gas cluster source for recording depth profiles without chemical modification, element imaging
  • Infrared spectroscopy FTIR
  • Raman spectroscopy


  • Secondary Neutral Particle Mass Spectrometry SNMS

electron microscopic

  • Scanning electron microscopy SEM with EDX
  • Focused Ion Beam FIB with EDX
  • Transmission electron microscopy TEM with EDX and EELS


  • Scratch test (Nanoscratch)
  • instrumented penetrant testing (nanohardness) NH


  • Potentiodynamic and potentiostatic measurements
  • polarography


MedicalMountains, Experttable CleanMed, VDMA Medical Technology Working Group, MicroTec Südwest Surface Technology Group, EFDS (European Research Association of Thin Films)