BioMEMS & Sensors

The acronym „BioMEMS“ relates to „bio-electro-mechanical systems“. The BioMEMS & Sensors group performs R&D towards microsystems for microfluidic, organ-like in vitro cell culture systems (“microphysiological systems” or “organs-on-chip” systems) for applications in biological research as well as in pre-clinical drug development. Expertise comprises CAD design and multiphysics simulations of fluidic and electrical effects in micro dimensions as well as rapid prototyping and evaluation in cell culture. We also offer services using the HepaChip-MP liver co-culture system and collaboration in joint R&D Projects.

In addition, the BioMEMS & Sensors group focuses on the development of electrochemical sensors for applications in medical technology (implants), biotechnology and environmental and agricultural technology. In particular, novel carbon-based nanomaterials and fluorinated membrane components are being developed and investigated towards solid contact ion selective electrodes (sc-ISE) to enable sensors with superior biocompatibility and long term stability.

  • BioMEMS (Bio-Microelectromechanical Systems) for applications in medicine and biotechnology, in particular microfluidic, organ-like cell culture systems, so-called micro-physiological systems or organs-on-chip
  • Development of electrochemical sensors for medical technology (implants)
  • Functional coatings, CNT-composits, nanotechnology
  • Dielectrophoretic manipulation of particles and cells in microfluidic systems, bioseparation
  • Multiphysics simulation of field distributions, hydrodynamic and electrical forces as well as transport processes.


  • Perfused liver co-culture in HepaChip-MP in vitro system (application examples)
  • Design, CAD and multiphysics simulation of microfluidic systems: Support for the development of microsystems
  • Sensor development and production
  • Rapid prototyping: CAD, micro milling, laser processing
  • Functional surfaces: chemical functionalization, nanostructuring, electrochemical etching processes, nanocomposites

Techniques, methods, equipment

  • Microfluidic laboratory with fluorescence microscope, microfluidic controller, cameras
  • Cell culture laboratory for microphysiological systems
  • 3D-Bioprinter for Extrusion and Inkjet-Printing
  • Sensor laboratory for manufacturing and testing
  • Electrochemical analysis, impedance spectroscopy, corrosion testing
  • Chemical laboratory with glovebox, facilities for chemical surface functionalization
  • CAD/CAM system for rapid prototyping of microsystems, micro milling, laser processing equipment


  • Spitzencluster microtec Südwest
  • Division Micro- and Nanotechnology of the DGBMT