Ad­hesive Bon­ding & Test Engi­neer­ing

As the group name itself implies, the bonding and testing technology working group researches and develops bonding technology and bonding surface pretreatments for customers from all industrial sectors (e.g. medical technology, lightweight construction, automotive suppliers, etc.). In addition, approval-relevant tests such as fatigue tests of coronary and aortic stents as well as electrochemical characterization (accredited test procedure) of implants are carried out for customers from the manufacturing and sales of medical products.


Expertise, working groups for adhesive bonding and testing technology

  • Adhesive bonding for industrial applications
  • Bonding for medical devices
  • Testing of products for industrial applications
  • Testing of medical devices
  • Surface pre-treatment
  • Consultancy services, training programs

Equipment for the application of adhesives

  • Test equipment and dispensing tools for the preparation of standard test specimens
  • Equipment for surface pre-treatment (low pressure plasma, corona/ atmospheric pressure plasma, compressed air blasting, ultrasonic baths)
  • 100 kN mechanical testing equipment
  • 20 kN mechanical testing equipment with non-contact video extensometer
  • Tumbling mixer for mixing and homogenizing of adhesives
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, thermal analysis used to study the physical characteristics of polymers
  • Incubator for curing of adhesives
  • Temperature & Humidity chamber and Immersion test