Ad­hesive Bon­ding & Test Engi­neer­ing

In addition to research and development, we offer services and consulting in the field of adhesive technology, adhesive surface pretreatment and testing methods. These topics are applied in many industrial sectors like automotive, construction, lightweight construction, toolmaking, mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace, electronics, packaging industry and medical technology.

As a test laboratory, we carry out mechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical tests on polymer materials, components and parts, especially on plastics, adhesives and adhesive tapes. We offer testing services, such as tensile, tensile shear, peel, compression and bending tests, as well as DMA and DSC analyses.

Further services in the field of test engineering

  • Durability and strength tests on test specimens/components
  • Surface analysis/failure analysis
  • Production of test samples, conforming to standards and use-oriented
  • Design, construction and manufacture of test equipment
  • Use of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) by the customer
Services for the development of reliable bonding methods for industry
  • Adhesive research/Adhesive selection
  • Surface pretreatment
Techniques, methods, Equipment
  • Surface pretreatments
    •    Atmospheric pressure and low-pressure plasma
    •    Corona treatment
    •    Compressed air blasting
    •    Flame treatment (Pyrosil®)
    •    Laser
    •    Ultrasonic cleaning system
  • Durability test/Accelerating aging
    •    Climatic chamber
    •    Immersion test
    •    Disinfection/Sterilization
    •    Temperature change test
  • Testing Services (Test engineering equipment)
    •    Mechanical testing – tensile, tensile shear, peel, compression and bending tests
    •    Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
    •    Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
    •    FTIR
    •    Rheometer



  • INNONET Kunststoff
  • MedicalMountains
  • Additive Fertigung in der Medizintechnik "MedPrint" (ZIM-Kompetenznetzwerk)
  • Fachgruppe Oberflächen MicroTec Südwest