Broad scope for the infinitesimal

Innovative, nanotechnology-based products are increasingly playing an important role in different areas of life and in many applications, in particular in the fields of biotechnology and medical technology. Nanotechnological structures have opened a completely new range of properties and functions. The focus of research and development is now on nanomaterials, nano coatings as well as analytical methods for nanoscale structures and materials. The most promising product potential can be ascribed to
conductive nanostructure and nano composites: they can be applied in nanoelectronics, sensor technology, and in energy, environmental and chemical technologies.

Electrochemical nanomaterials

The NMI develops nanomaterials for electrochemical applications and nano-based analytical methods for determining structure and function. Our scientists rely on a combination of conductive polymers and carbon nanotubes. Our experience in the field of electrochemistry as well as the interdisciplinary approach we take at the NMI enable us to develop sensors and electrodes for
energy conversion and for driving enzymatic reactions.