Research topics

Key technology for future challenges

Whether an industrial component or a medical device such as an implant, materials and their surface properties are decisive factors that influence the application, suitability and quality of products.
Materials research therefore contributes time and again by discovering new functions and triggering leaps in performance. Surface and materials technology remain influential drivers in almost every area of human life and technology.
Starting with the production and, later, in everyday use, the role played by the selection of materials and surface structures is a central one. Materials react to changing mechanical effects and thermal stress, corrosive media, light and other environmental influences in different ways.
The way how different materials bond with each other under specific circumstances greatly influences their use, functionality and applicability for products.
Micro, nano and surface technologies often assume inconspicuous - and, for the user, imperceptible, key functions in the search for solutions for future challenges.
They trigger innovative impulses, that initiate growth spurts in several areas of application - whether it be sustainable mobility and energy, or for personalized medicine or the digital economy. They are indispensable in solving technological, ecological and societal problems.

NMI: R&D partner and service provider

The NMI achieves conclusive results by employing its interdisciplinary competency, scientific methods and a broad range of measuring and process equipment within the framework of materials science as well as by serving clients. The institute is a provider of services to clients in various fields, such as biotechnology, medical technology, and in the chemical, environmental, automotive and machine engineering industries.

Experts in surface and materials science technology provide the industrial sector with real-world solutions in the following areas:

  • Materials and surface analytics
  • Bonding technology
  • Coating technology
  • Microsystems technology
  • Nanotechnology