Center for Nanoanalysis

Investigation of smallest structures, insight into the world of atoms

Nanoanalysis today plays a central role in many areas of life science and materials research. Today, research into the smallest structures down to a millionth of a millimeter is indispensable both for the industrial development and processing of new materials and for basic research. The Center for Nanoanalysis at the NMI is a regional contact point for innovative companies with material technology issues and product ideas.

The NMI, the University of Tübingen and companies from the biomedical engineering, automotive, mechanical engineering and toolmaking sectors, as well as research institutions, want to jointly use the nanoanalysis opportunities for basic and application-oriented research.

The top instruments of the new center are two analytical transmission electron microscopes (HRTEM), which are capable of imaging structures down to the atomic level and determining their atomic and chemical composition. The NMI's flagship project Center for nanoanalysis, which was awarded a prize in the RegioWin competition, thus offers the opportunity to advance to the league of the world's best analytical electron microscopes.

More than 50 companies and research institutes have expressed their interest in using the Center for nanoanalysis - including many well-known large companies such as Bosch, Daimler and Walter, but also small and medium-sized companies from the region. They all particularly want to benefit from the uncomplicated access to this high technology. The project's scientific cooperation partners include five institutes of the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance and the University of Tübingen, which has created a bridge professorship for advanced materials at the NMI.


  • Zeiss Crossbeam 550
    Equipped with Oxford XMax EDX Detector, Plasmacleaner, Platinum and Carbon deposition, Kleindiek micromanipulator MM3AE
  • Jeol ARM 200F High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM / STEM)
    with CEOS Cs corrector
  • Zeiss Crossbeam 1540 mit Kryo-Option
  • Renishaw innVia
  • Bruker Innova AFM
  • Zeiss Axioimager Z2.M
  • Zeiss SmartZoom