Proteomics and Bioanalytics

Highly-sensitive and selective detection methods

We use highly-sensitive detection methods to identify and validate new biomarkers for research and for quality control testing of therapeutic proteins. At the NMI, we have at our disposal the latest mass spectrometers, such as the maXis II and Q-exactive plus. Depending on the investigation
to be done, we develop specific assays that can be used to test the samples.

Innovative proteome analysis

We apply a novel quantitative method for quick and precise analysis of various proteins in blood plasma, urine, tissue samples and solid tumours.
In an award-winning GO-bio project, proprietary antibodies and advanced mass spectrometry were combined in an analytical workflow. This enabled biomarker detection in samples from any type of animal relevant to pharmaceutical research

Quality control of innovative biotherapeutics

At the NMI, high-resolution mass spectrometry is used to analyse therapeutic antibodies with regard to identity and integrity, micro-heterogeneity, sequence variance, degradation products and disulfide bridge formation. We have gained distinctive expertise in the field of sequence variation
and in the analysis of various production batches.